Engine for Site on Java Script (for Free Hosting)

Author of engine : antihero

Essence and principles of the engine: You just take any text to be uploaded to site, and add at every HTML document AT THE VERY BEGINNING two lines of HTML code, which upload cascade styles to the site and Java Script, the latter builds itself pattern of menus, header and footer to this page of the site, and the text that was at the document is at the central column of site at the end. You can see here the example of its functioning at this site. It is a good work, isn`t it?

You can download the engine for site HERE 170kb.

If you are too busy to get into it I can create for you a site with one of ready-made designs using appropriate free hosting - all that for 40$. In this case you should provide me with materials and idea of desired design.

It does not acquire a lot of effort to layout a pattern for every page, if you want to change the pattern, you can do it in one file (shablon.htm it is at the site root); you need not re-layout EVERY page again and again; it gives the possibility to upload on free hostings quite good sites and change their design pattern even within two hours.

You should surely have some knowledge about HTML in order to draw necessary pattern, but it is not difficult - make it at the file shablon.htm and upload to the server, and the script itself will sort the files to parts and will build all pages of the site.

At the beginning of every HTML document at the site you should put two following lines:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"><title></title><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/files/style.css"><script type="text/javascript" src="/files/DriveScript.js"></script>

In such a way cascading styles of page (CSS) and engine that builds pattern are loaded.

Everything that is contained at this HTML document will be put at the central column of site.

Advantage of the engine is the following: all pages of the site and Java Script itself are cached, that is why traffic is less consumed, and administration requires less as usually, with PHP CMS. If you need something to upload at the site, edit the HTML document, add at the beginning two lines of code and then upload the thing through FTP to the site. Usual administration and such an uploading to hosting are similar things as for taking efforts. You just should not forget (after everything is done) to link this document with necessary page of the site or menu at the pattern to succeed.

Also the server is not loaded in fact, because Java Scripts are executed at the user PC . Actually the engine fits quite OK to payable hostings, in case it is necessary to create not a big site that is updated twice a week. There are no problems here, and simple realization solves the problem of control panel "digging-out" at PHP-CMS.

Coding at HTML documents is to be only utf-8. If you choose another one, it can cause a number of unnecessary problems.

ATTENTION ! ! ! Put ALL THE PATHES TO THE FILES AT PAGES IN THIS FILE AND PATTERNS through slash at the beginning of the path to file in the following way:
(/folder/file.htm) (/abrakadabra/image.gif) (/image/button.jpg) (/index.htm) (/filename.zip) (/vsekozli/arhiv.zip) (/AboutUs.htm)
If you put the file name without slash, the path to it will be defined relatively to the CURRENT FOLDER; in case slash is present, the path is ABSOLUTELY free, that is according to the NAME OF DOMAIN; then, there will BE NO problems as for "indirect" paths to files, pictures and other content.

All HTML files are better to be kept at /TXT/ folder in order not to pile up the main section.
Archives are to be in folder - ARH, pictures, fotos - in folder IMAGES, and etc.
Folder FILES contains cascading styles of the site, file: /files/style.css
and the engine itself, file: /files/DriveScript.js
Pictures for current pattern are in the folder: /i/
The pattern itself is at the root and is loaded from there /shablon.htm

All the menus, as well as header and footer are built from the pattern file with Java Script. Look for comments there, do not delete the line at the very beginning with indication of coding (<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">), it can cause problems.

If you would like to change the site pattern, draw it at the HTML file and upload to the hosting.
The current pattern is in the file: /shablon.htm
Do not forget to include CSS styles of pattern to it, the file of styles is here: /files/style.css
Also do not forget that cascading styles are to be moved from the document to file: /files/style.css
so that all the styles are to be applied to all the pages of site.

It is not recommended to change basic table grid at the pattern file.
Following are table cells that contain:
<td colspan="3" id="header8769340"> HTML Header Code (that is above) </td>
<td colspan="3" id="footer4560938"> HTML Footer Code (that is below) </td>
<td width="200" rowspan="3" id="leftmenu43589734"> HTML Code of Left Menu </td>
<td width="200" rowspan="3" id="rightmenu43897435"> HTML Code of Right Menu </td>

After every closing tag to the table cell (</td>) there is Java Script of such a view:
<script language="javascript"> parent.GetField('header8769340'); </script>

It is NOT ALOOWED TO BE DELETED!!! It provides display of the appropriate element of menu.

Avoid creation of tables of fixed width, it is better to make them "rubber", that is to set parameter - width of cells - in per cents. If the pattern does not work correctly and exceeds in width, it means that you have made some mistake with it.

Links to Java Script are not seen by search engine, that is why for proper indexing of the site at the end of text of main page there should be: /index.htm. It is NECESSARY to put link to site map, file: /files/map.htm
It is already at the current pattern.
At this file it is necessary to put links to ALL the documents which are at your site, that solves the problem of indexing.

Code of counter can be put at the pattern, but in this case it will not work correctly.
It is better to put it to the script of engine, in this case there will be no problems. By the way it is already there, you should just register site on the server liveinternet.ru and it starts to work.

One more time about change of patterns... Take the file: /shablon.htm. Draw there Header, Footer and all the menu at the appropriate cells without deleting parts of Java Scripts after closing the tag of cell, then upload it to the hosting and it is all.

If any of page elements is not displayed, it means that you either have deleted the script that is responsible for its display, or have partially "damaged" it.

The engine has been tested and works good, that is why that free hosting is recommended.
Also it is possible to use Protoplex (their banner is at the pattern footer).
If you create site at Narod, it is better to agree with them on turning off of commercial module and put there their banner instead. It solves possible problems, because under the terms of any free hosting they put their banner at your site and if you cut it, they will close site in case of such an action.

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